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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Bondecco takes the personal integrity of it’s customers seriously and it is important for us that the visitors of our site are confident in the fact that their private information will be handled responsibly. For this reason we have compiled some information about what kind of data that is collected on the site and how this data is used.

What data is collected?

The information we collect can be divided into two groups: (1) information that our customers provide themselves, for example the data entered when signing up for our newsletter (email) or when performing a purchase (name, delivery address, billing address, telephone number, information about past purchases, etc.) and (2) information of a technical nature that is gathered automatically simply by the customer browsing the site. Some examples of (2) can be information about the device or browser that is currently being used, the IP number, the pages visited, the amount of time spent on each page etc.

How is the data used?

The data is used by Bondecco to enable the shopping experience (handling orders, shipping, payment, returns), for customer support (whenever you have a question for our support team) and for marketing (newsletters, personalised offers from us, customer surveys).

Your private data is never sold to third parties, nor is it shared, except when sharing is absolutely necessary to fulfil the purposes stated above. Examples include:

    • Payment processors that need personal details to be able to complete a payment
    • Shipping companies that are informed of a delivery address
    • Third party tools that we use for specific functions of the site, such as a third party that provides the newsletter functionality
    • For personalised marketing and special offers, data is shared with marketing companies such as Google or Facebook

How is the data stored and transferred?

The data is stored securely on our servers or on the servers of our partners, and only for as long as it is needed to fulfil the purpose of it, as it is described here in the privacy policy. After that, it is either removed or anonymised.

On our servers we utilise strict data security measures to safely store your personal information and all traffic between the customer and Bondecco is encrypted via SSL.

What about cookies?

We use cookies as well, to enable shopping functionality on our site. You can read more about why and how this is done on our cookie information page.

Your rights

According to EU data protection laws you, as a customer, own the right to your personal information. This includes:

  • The right to request all personal information that we have collected to be sent to you
  • The right to change any of the information
  • The right to be forgotten, meaning you can request us to remove all your personal information at any time and without providing any reason

In case you wish to exercise any of these rights, please get in touch with our customer support ( and we will help you out.

Policy updates

This policy was last updated on 2 February, 2019. We reserve the right to change the policy at any time and you can always find the latest version posted on our site. In addition to this, we will do our best to notify our customers of any substantial changes.